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 Jul 7 2017


Sidney Adami

Catanduva - SP - Brasil

 Apr 2 2017

Roger deixou um presente fantástico para todos que amam a música.

Maxwell Decker

Silverhill Alabama

 Nov 3 2015

Roger was like an Uncle to me and one of my dads best friends. My father Tom Decker played with Roger, was in business with him, and loved him dearly. I send my best wishes to all he loved and pray for each of you amazing lives.

Russell Hardy

Henderson, Nevada

 Nov 1 2015

I knew Roger when he was in the Navy at Pocatello. Great guy! Played in a dance band with him.FJTN

Paul Spitzfaden, Jr.

Metairie, LA

 Oct 1 2015

I briefly corresponded by email with Mr. Williams as a fellow pianist and studier of his artistry. He made you feel as though you knew him for a lifetime. He deserved every accolade he received in life, as an artist and as a human being.

Frances Gunderman

Albany, Oregon

 Sep 10 2015

Rudy Agresta

River Edge, NJ

 Sep 7 2015

I am 61 years old and it was my father, a professional pianist, who first introduced me to the music of Roger Williams. I am glad he did. I studied piano with my father since the age of 3. I teach piano and have composed for TV and Film. I have many pianists I enjoy listening to, but I have never been so moved as when I listen to Roger Williams. He becomes one with the music and allows listeners to experience the same. His piano styling and arrangements are truly heavenly and in a class all their own. He is simply the best there ever was...a true musician and gift to us all.

Virginia Meyers


 Aug 15 2015

I am a caregiver for 84 year old Mrs. Meyers. She was at a lecture that her husband was giving in Cincinnati several years ago. She went walk and heard beautiful music come from a room. She a piano player herself was propelled to enter the room. She and Rodger became friends and and corresponded threw the years. She listens to his CBS with fond memories.

Edward Leuchtner

Rochester, NY

 Jul 8 2015

When I first heard Roger I loved his piano playing beginning with Autumn Leaves.

Dee Perkins

North hills, CA

 Jun 13 2015

I had the honor and great privilege to see Roger Williams in concert several times and had opportunity to converse with him on several occasions.wonderful gentleman. Gracious and extremely talented. Luckily, I have many albums by Roger W. To enjoy forever.

Paul W. Wilson


 May 23 2015

PS: I was the only musician he spoke to before, during, and after each song. I grew as a person and musician because I learned Roger always focused on the music. I could see every movement of his fingers and hands and hear every note. He played with a confidence and joy that came from some unknowable place in his heart. He loved Music. I have never met anyone like him.

Paul W. Wilson


 May 23 2015

I performed with Roger three times in 1995 with the NC Symphony Orchestra. I played guitar and he sat me one foot from his piano seat. I’m sure he did this because I was struggling with the complex interactions between him, me, and the orchestra. He kept me close so he could keep his eye and ear on me. After the first rehearsal he asked his assistant to give me a recording of his last concert so I could improve my performance. He explained that he learned to play by ear and his music reading skills were also not as developed. I neglected to tell him I thought I played better by reading than be ear. It is good practice for a musician to keep his mouth shut and this practice served me well that day. I had a two day break before the performances and worked with the taped performance almost 24hrs a day. When the time came I played perfectly and even beyond my abilities. Roger actually thanked me. His kind comment is the highlight of my music career. During the first rehearsal I endured Roger’s direct and true criticism of my guitar skills. He always gave me examples from his own experiences when he struggled with the same problems. To make matters more interesting for me the entire orchestra was behind us and was no doubt entertained by Roger’s helpful instruction so painfully directed to myself alone. I was the only musician he spoke to before, during, and after each song. I grew as a person and musician because I learned Roger always focused on the m

Nathan D. Scholl

Julian, NC

 May 16 2015

Great Musician!

Lynne Ryer

Sydney Australia

 Apr 11 2015

Grew up listening to Roger Williams. A master in his own right.

Brooke Vadja

Carmel, IN

 Mar 23 2015

Love his music and style! Wonderful talent!



 Mar 22 2015


Joseph L. Rowe

Tidewater VA

 Mar 20 2015

We owned the largest music store chain in the area and I was a concert tuner. I was in business with Roger with the Roger Williams Studios using Leisure Times computer aide teaching methods. I tuned for Roger many times in the area. A great fellow and artist, he is missed. Joe Rowe

Christopher Ponce

United States

 Feb 26 2015

Grew up loving his music and it inspired me to play the piano

Barbara Phillips


 Feb 25 2015

Heard "Autumn Leaves" the other day - the music lives on, but I miss its maker. Thank you, Roger.


Westland, MI

 Feb 22 2015

Your music has been a part of my life since college in the sixties. Time to reminisce and say THANK YOU for all that the "piano genius" has shared with the world over the years.

Bob Potvin

West Brookfield, MA

 Feb 8 2015

Young and warm and wonderful is my favorite.I have gown to appreciate Ronnie Aldrich and Richard Claderman because of Mr. Williams

Irvin Myers

Lindsborg, Kansas

 Feb 8 2015

Have Enjoyed His Music for Decades.Saw Him and Heard Him Play at Crystal Cath. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lakeland, FL

 Jan 27 2015

I have not heard your music until now. However I know so many of your songs that I am looking forward to listening to them. L

Lauchlin Lee

Wilmington, NC

 Jan 13 2015

No one else like him, Memorable and wonderful musis, Readily identified

Ignacia Pablo

Los Angeles

 Jan 10 2015

Working for you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You enriched my life with your beautiful music.

Patricia L. Matlock

Eugene, OR 97401

 Dec 17 2014

I sight read but I also play by hear and I love his style and I feel I could continue to play for him to whoever.

M Rohrs

Henderson NV

 Dec 13 2014

Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard!



 Nov 15 2014


Reinaldo Franco de Godoi

São Paulo - Brazil

 Nov 5 2014

The best!

R. David Meraz

l4 Peralta Ave. Sf. Ca.,

 Nov 5 2014

Enjo has music.

Clare Keeney

Campbell, CA

 Oct 16 2014

I heard Roger on Iowa radio as Lou Weertz as I grew up. He often played requests for me on radio. I then met him at Drake in Howard Hall. Later, I heard him play and had a great visit with him at Cafe Madison in NYC. Attended some of his concerts in California. He was a fantastic musician and wonderful friend. I treasure the LP vinyl records he made.

Renee Lamoreux

Denver, CO

 Oct 5 2014

Thank you Roger for memories for my family and me. Love your music and your love of God. From one pianist to another - thanks. Renee

Barbara Penrose


 Aug 17 2014

One of my most treasured memories is of sitting on Roger’s piano while he was playing it, for a photo shoot for a charity event. That photo sits prominently in my office. Roger’s heart was as beautiful as his music.

Bobbi Dye

Honolulu. Hawaii

 Aug 5 2014

You where as gentle and beautiful as your music. It was an honor to call you a friend. RIP

katherine cuppett

north carolina

 Aug 3 2014

your music brought joy to all of us who were blessed to hear it.

Marlys & Don


 Jul 31 2014

We were fortunate enough to meet Roger thru a mutual friend. We were invited to visit his home where we were able to see all of his richly deserved awards. Later we were invited to join them for dinner where Roger made the evening so very comfortable for us where we saw him as just a very nice, polite, unassuming and very normal person. Since both of us love Roger’s music it truly was an honor and a wonderful experience we will never forget.

Barbara Taylor


 Jul 31 2014

THE BEST .... I could listen to his music and style everyday plus such a wonderful man.


Santa Fe, NM

 Jul 30 2014

Unbelievable performer



 Jul 30 2014

Roger was a most talented artist.



 Jul 30 2014

I miss Roger. I have all his CDs but the best was seeing him perform live. His music was such a big part of my life. Happy or sad I always had his music for joy or comfort

Marci Weiner

Beverly Hills, CA

 Jul 30 2014

His music, His smile, His concern for other people & his warmth will always be in our memory. We miss you, Roger.



 Jul 30 2014

Still loving your music and enjoying hearing your praises.

Barbara Phillips

Prescott, AZ

 Jul 30 2014

I do miss his wonderful unparalleled mastery of the piano & music.... almost as much as I miss this charming & gallant man.


Grand Terrace, CA

 Jul 22 2014

I have always enjoyed the feeling and romance that is evident in each arrangement he played. He is a truly gifted musician.

Randy Childers Sr.

Spartanburg SC

 Jun 30 2014

I have enjoyed this wonderful artist for years. I shared the same grief, Mr. Williams had when the USN band played "Eternal Father.

Larry Reader

United States

 Jun 22 2014

Had the pleasure of seeing Roger in the 1970s in Ft. Myers, FL. He and his group were excellent!!

R. J. Gordillo

Pembroke Pines, Fl

 Jun 15 2014

Been listening to your music since the late 50s. antastic


Flushing, New York

 Jun 12 2014

Your Autumn Leaves video blew me away I love your On The Trail and many others

Glenn & Marcee Ballantyne

Pueblo, Colorado

 May 27 2014

Roger and Jacque are beautiful souls who loved and cared for each other so deeply and sweetly

Jonathan David Neal

Los Angeles, California

 May 23 2014

Roger and his music are a great inspirations to me. While he is not with us, his music lives on.

Jacquelyn Heebner

Encino, CA

 May 22 2014

Your music is better than ever, Roger.

Kristi Tillery


 May 21 2014

Roger was an amazing musician. His tunes lifted the heart and filled the senses with wonder. He is missed dearly, but his legacy will live on in the hearts of music lovers the world over.

Jacque Heebner

United States

 May 21 2014

Wonderful music


palm Springs

 May 19 2014



palm Springs

 May 19 2014

An amazing man dearly missed

Kristina Tillery


 May 19 2014

Roger was an extremely talented pianist, he is dearly missed.

Kristi Tillery


 May 19 2014

Extremely talented!



 May 15 2014


Phillip Brumley

Brownsburg, Indiana

 Apr 9 2014

"Autumn Leaves" album is my very favorite.

Helen Wheatley

Newport, NY

 Mar 28 2014

Thank God for his talent.

Patrizia Morassut

Sydney > Milan

 Mar 28 2014

I grow up with Roger Williams music, then I came to Italy and quite no one knows him. I oftenly talk about Yellow Birds, that I love, and made cd from the vinil discs I still have : )

Marat M. Bandemer, Jr.

Katy, Texas

 Mar 22 2014

My wife and I had the privilege of attending a Roger Williams concert in Houston shortly before he turned 80 (the age which I am now). Roger Williams was without a doubt one of a kind, unique in a way that he stood alone as an incredibly talented musician. Watching his fingers float across the keyboard with a dexterity hard to find in much younger people, was mesmerizing. He may be gone, but thank God his music will live on.

Edna Webb


 Mar 21 2014

Autum Leaves has always brought a Tears to my eyes and Joy in my Heart. It is the most beautiful song ever. Just love it.

 Mar 18 2014

I just listened to Nadia's Theme and it reminded me again how much I enjoyed the wonderful music of Roger Williams.

Hanford R Wright

Orlando Florida

 Mar 8 2014

After 30 years I just pulled my records from under my bed. The first record I played was Love Theme from The Godfather and the track was Tchaikovsky73.

Pattie Bollone Wyatt

Painesville, OH

 Mar 2 2014

Roger Williams was the best, great pianist and a great man.

Mary Nelson


 Mar 2 2014

Loved his music. A great talent. I;m sorry that he is no longer here with us.

Glenora Chamberlin

Oregon, USA

 Feb 23 2014

I've loved Roger's music since I first heard Autumn Leaves. It's such a blessing to be able to listen to it all of my days. It takes me to places and memories dear to my heart. Thank God for the legacy of Roger.

Ron Pies

Tempe, az

 Feb 17 2014

My favorite pianist of all time. He will be missed.

Ron Pies

Tempe, az

 Feb 17 2014

My favorite pianist of all time. He will be missed.



 Feb 14 2014

Dear Sir the music is kind part of my life feel so womderful everlasting life of your paino so sweet! I will never forget u, Sir many thank you sharing your music someday i wanted to hear for last time but are u retired,Sir? please let me know, smile!! Thank you, Clifford Cahow my email is wolffbeanies@aol.comu


Lancaster, PA

 Feb 13 2014

I grew up with Roger Williams music. I always enjoyed "Autumn Leaves" He was one of the best!!! As I am typing this I am listening to a vinyl 33 1/3 copy of Till/Roger Williams. Beautifully!!!

Joanne Wallace Carpenter

Saint Albans, WV

 Feb 8 2014

I forgot to mention that at one particular concert, when I was only a few months old, Mr. Williams signed the back of my sleeper... While I was still in it!

Joanne Wallace Carpenter

Saint Albans, WV

 Feb 8 2014

My dad, Dr. Thomas C. Wallace, would give Mr. Williams back treatments before and after his concerts anytime he was near our area. We have a couple of friendly letters Mr. Williams wrote. One was especially touching as he offered his condolences at the loss of my mother after her bout with cancer.

Pattie Bollone Wyatt

Painesville, OH

 Feb 1 2014

Roger Williams is still my favorite musician. He was absolutely fantastic and seemed to be a great person.

James Milan

Warren, Michigan

 Feb 1 2014

His song Born Free Lives on as one of my favorites since childhood. I remember how the song always held a special place in me whenever i heard it.

Kenneth Bookman

LaRue, OH

 Jan 21 2014

The greatist



 Jan 20 2014

Love his playing. Sorry I was never able to see him in person.

Judy Ewing

Scarborough, Maine

 Jan 7 2014

I graduated from Midland College in Fremont, Nebraska, and Roger played a concert for us there in about 1959 or 60. It was wonderful! His father had a connection with the college; I can't remember if he graduated from Midland or not. I love to hear Roger play the piano!

Benot Morin


 Jan 7 2014

Roger is a wonderfull pianist ,Iam always please to hear all he plays

Jerry Best

Iowa City, Iowa

 Jan 5 2014

He was always one of my favorites. Had the privilege of studying piano with Dr.Schmidt, Roger's graduate degree instructor at Drake University many years back. Roger went through the program ten or so years ahead of me,.. and left a campus filled with accolades, stories, and promise of a solid future with music.



 Dec 26 2013


Mark Carson


 Dec 10 2013

I can listen to Mr. Williams all day every day. A tremendous pianist.



 Nov 30 2013

I get hours of pleasure from listening to this music

Wesley McClelland

Kansas City, MO

 Nov 23 2013

Thank you Roger for making this world a better place because of your music. There's only one Roger Williams touch ... many have tried and all have failed. You play what people WANT to hear ... and that's why you'll always be #1 in my book!!

Jill Sturdivant

Las Vegas Nevada

 Nov 8 2013

I had the great pleasure of knowing Roger personally.He was my stepdads cousin. So I guess you can say he was my cousin to. He will be so very much missed not only as a great pianist but also as a wonderful person. I am sure that his music will live on for years to come

Jill Sturdivant

Las Vegas Nevada

 Nov 8 2013

I had the great pleasure of knowing Roger personally.He was my stepdads cousin. So I guess you can say he was my cousin to. He will be so very much missed not only as a great pianist but also as a wonderful person. I am sure that his music will live on for years to come

G Chamberlin


 Nov 1 2013

Thankfully, I can't get tired of his wonderful music and I never will. He was a hero to me, both in his talent and person.

Ross Gerami

Geneva, IL

 Oct 30 2013

Roger was my favorite from 1959 and we will always remember his Special Gifted talent that he had, and left us with memories that will last forever, God Bless Roger Williams

Kenny Carter

Englewood, Colorado

 Oct 19 2013

I've always loved Roger's 1960 album "Christmas Time". I've spoken to a lot of people who feel the same way. I'm disappointed that its CD release was so limited, and that I can only get it from Amazon for no less than $75.00. I'm still stuck with my old scratchy LP. Would love to hear the music clean and clear. The album is on iTunes in Canada and UK, but not in the US. US citizens can't download from iTunes in other countries.

Mrs Sally White

United Kingdom

 Oct 13 2013

I came across Roger Williams music today on U-Tube and thought it absolutely wonderful. I did not realize that he was dead and was very sorry to hear this. What a great pianist, such talent.

Jonathan Neal


 Oct 11 2013

Roger left a great legacy as both a pianist and a human being. While he left us here on earth his music lives on and I am grateful.

Michael Graves

Surprise, AZ

 Oct 11 2013

Awesome music....Your talent is missed!!

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