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The Final Tour
Roger’s last year added the interloper of cancer which invaded his schedule but didn’t change his beautiful personality one iota. He still aimed to please; in fact when he went for treatment he made sure his secretary brought along enough CDs to brighten up someone’s day.

The five guys in the picture above are his band members and they were a constant in his life. He considered them really good friends and he valued their ideas and their incredible talent.

The First – This appearance saw him performing for The Ronald Reagan-Presidential Library’s “A Concert for America – A Tribute to Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday”, which can still be seen via, on Roger’s YouTube channel, and on this website under Videos.

The Second – A private tour in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Third - The week after his first chemo treatment found Roger appearing before a huge crowd in Palm Desert, California, not only because he believed “the show must go on” but he always felt that his illness was just “another fight” in the life of a former champion Navy boxer. Roger’s music buoyed him and transcended his pain from cancer into the dream of winning, which showed in the two CDs he put out during his illness and available on this site: THE MAN THEY CALL MR. PIANO and ROGER WILLIAMS GOLDEN INSPIRATIONAL HYMNS. In fact, the Hymns CD was finalized just four days before he passed away. He told his music producer, Scott Smith that it was his “best album I’ve ever done, but there’s just one change I want you to make.” (Scott held his breath because one “change” could sometimes go on for three days.) However, this time was different. Roger said, “Just brighten up the first eight bars of 'Clair de Lune.'”